HansHenrik Samuelsen from Klimaforum09 was interviewed at Klimaforum10 in Cancun/Mexico by HubCulture. Direct link to Klimaforum10:



Direct link to Klimaforum10!

Klimaforum10 is a grassroots initiative from Mexico hosting civil society during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun.

Klimaforum10 is a space for all people, where they can gather, debate on constructive solutions, propose and find consensus towards coordinated international action in the face of the climate crisis. Where governments fail, the people shall prevail.

When: 26th November to 11th December 2010.

What Klimaforum10 provides:

Smaller and large spaces for daily updates UNFCCC, your registered, or last minute side events, discussions, trainings, roundtables, caucus /group meetings, strategy planning, and cultural activities.

  • Free Transportation back and forth UNFCCC, Climate Dialogue, Via Campesina)*
  • Main conference room for about 500 people.
  • 20 side event tents (50-60 people)
  • Space and services for expositions, media, volunteers, registration
  • Large screens and projectors
  • Audio equipment
  • Fast internet access and power outlets
  • Compost toilets and water
  • Meals at very reasonable prices, served in several locations
  • Medical assistance
  • Recycling stations
  • 24 hour security





















What Klimaforum10 provides:

Smaller and large spaces for daily updates UNFCCC, your registered, or last minute side events, discussions, trainings, roundtables, caucus /group meetings, strategy planning, and cultural activities.

  • Free Transportation back and forth UNFCCC, Climate Dialogue, Via Campesina)*
  • Main conference room for about 500 people.
  • 20 side event tents (50-60 people)
  • Space and services for expositions, media, volunteers, registration
  • Large screens and projectors
  • Audio equipment
  • Fast internet access and power outlets
  • Compost toilets and water
  • Meals at very reasonable prices, served in several locations
  • Medical assistance
  • Recycling stations
  • 24 hour security

CAMPING SPACE -  The Global Ecovillage:

At walking distance from the center of activities in a serene natural habitat, a place where people from all over the world will live and learn in sustainable co-existence during the course of the summit. More than 2,500 places to camp with compost toilets and showers. A minimum 4 day stay is required to make a reservation.

  • Price per day per person: 8 US dollars
  • Camping tents upon request
  • Compost toilets and showers
  • Temascales (Traditional sweat lodge)
  • Sacred Fire
  • Secure storage space, guarded by professional security company

Self organized event registration: click here to register your self organized activities.

We will process the requests in the order they are received. Our program is being processed and will be published soon.

Visas: If you need a special invitation letter for a visa application, please email us at: visas@klimaforum10.org  

Web: Klimaforum10.org



During the UNFCCC COP15 in December 2009, the hospitality project NEW LIFE COPENHAGEN by wooloo.org was able to find free accommodations for over 3.000 climate activists from all over the world at Danish homes.

The climate circus is moving to Cancun / Mexcio this year, where the 16. conference of parties of the  United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16) will take place from November 29th to December 10th 2010.

For a those who are planning to go to Cancun and participate in the climate conference and all the activities around, NEW LIFE CANCUN could be an option to find free or affordable accommodation and to get in contact with local families and residents.

 The NEW LIFE CANCUN project is part of the participation initiative CARBONDING which is facilitating accommodations and promoting activities and events for the civil society in and around Cancun.



- NEW LIFE CANCUN > Be a Climate Host or Climate Guest

- NEW LIFE CANCUN on Facebook >Recent news from Cancun

- Friendly accommodation > Affordable accommodation

- Carbonding > Local events and activities / Local participation initative


NEW LIFE CANCUN  Friendly accommodation




The Diálogo Climático-Espacio Mexicano brings together a wide range of civil society and social movement actors, including urban and rural grassroots organizations, trade unions, students, peasants, migrants, indigenous peoples, women’s networks and some NGOs, who are interested in debating the main issues related to the climate crisis, promoting mobilizations, exchanging information and coordinating educational and media activities to demand climate justice for the next 16th Conference of Parts Meeting, which will take place from November 29th to December 10th, 2010 in Cancun, Mexico. It is a plural and open space, in which different opinions, strategies and political cultures are expressed while, at the same time, its organizing efforts are based on a shared and clear political position for common action.

At the international level, the networks, organizations and social movements – that have worked together in the struggle against the free trade model and its effects on people’s lives and in the search for alternatives – support this initiative. We have sent a Call with our political positions/proposals for COP16. An international commitee has been established, in which international networks, national alliances and organizations interested in supporting the coordination work towards Cancun are participating.
Although not all social movements and networks are part of this confluence/space, it was agreed that we would continue looking for unity (in Mexico and at the international level) , proposing that the different social movements that will be organizing parallel activitiesjoin in the December 7th mobilization and elaborate a common declaration. We also propose that we strengthen our efforts through mutual support, in terms of promoting activities, doing joint press work, coordinating as much as possible our debates and panels and respecting the role and autonomy of each space.

We send below some information on the latest advances and definitions concerning the activities in Cancún:


December 3th and 4th: arrival of the caravans
December 5th-10th: Climate Justice Forum
December 7th (to be confirmed) mobilization – global action day
December 11th : reactions to the COP16 final statement/declaration.

Place: Through negotiations with the federal government and the municipal government of Cancun and thanks to social pressure, it has been confirmed that the venue for activities wil be the “Super Manzana 21″, located in the center of Cancun. There is a proposal to call the space “MUP Palas” (the name refers to the social movement and to the civil society meeting place that has been accredited by the UN). The government accepted the Dialogo Climático-Espacio Mexicano’s conditions, which are: to respect the autonomy, the self-coordination and the independence of social movements; there will be no police inside the venue, nor security procedures for entering the space or to attend events. Also, corporate propaganda and expositions and media events organized by the government will take place elsewhere in the city (that is to say that the “Villa Climatica”, set up by the government is totally separate from our autonomous civil society space).

International Commitee’s Working Commissions/Committees: Four working commissions have been created (on an international level), and will coordinate with the comrades working in Mexico.

a. Political: define the key messagesthat are  to be highlighted, discussion and elaboration of a draft statement.

b. Methodology: define the agenda and the activities program, discuss thematic areas

c. Communications: support the media strategy, for both alternative and official media, and promote activities prior to COP16; it will promote exchanges with and the participation of other networks.

d. Mobilization: coordination of mobilizations inside and outside Cancun.

All the organizations and networks interested in participating in the international commitee and support the working comissions, please write to:secretaria@asc-hsa.net
Additional Information (Updates are avaliable on the site: www.dialogoclimatico.org)

We’d like to report on some important elements:

*Now that the physical space for the events has been defined, a list of the hotels near the Super Manzana 21 and the instructions to make reservations will be posted on the above-mentioned site.
*The Mexican government has agreed to adopt a a simplified procedure for obtaining. Information on this procedure will also be posted on the website.
*Also on this website, one can register the self-organized events;
*Both the international caravans and the ones being organized in Mexico are growing in size and a campsite is being organized for them. At the campsite, social movements from Cancun will prepare food in communitarian kitchens at a very low cost.
*We also report from Mexico that there is dialogue to seek convergences with La Via Campesina and Klimaforum10. In fact, the caravans will bring together people and organizations from both international confluences.


La Via Campesina Organizes International Caravans for Life, Resistance, and Environmental Justice in Mexico.

Over a thousand women and men, farmers, indigenous people, urban and rural people affected by social and environmental destruction are planning to march in 5 caravans towards Cancun, Mexico, in protest against the indolence of the dominant countries and capitalists of the world gathering for the conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change from November 29 to December 10, 2010. 

The caravans co-organised by the National Assembly of People Affected by the Environment and the international peasant's movement La Via Campesina and by a convergence of diverse social movements from the United States, Canada and Mexico will kick off in San Luis Potosi, Guadalajara, and Acapulco, joining other rural, urban and student movements in Mexico City on November 30 for a mass protest for environmental and social justice . Two other caravans will then depart from Oaxaca and Chiapas, all converging to Cancun on December 3 for the inauguration of the Farmers's and Indigenous Camp organized by La Via Campesina. 

The caravans' journeys will bring local struggles against social and environmental injustices into the limelight as the global community convenes for the climate negotiations in Cancun. They will denounce the widespread apathy in the face of the current socio-environmental scandals, as well as the Mexican government's maneuvering to implement mega-projects for “Clean Development Mechanisms (MDL)” which in fact devastate communities and the environment. This is the case of the large industrial pig farms such as Smithfield, the production of agrofuels for airplanes, the  "semi- remediation" of open air garbage dumps, large hydro-dams and new GMO extensions. 

In solidarity with this movement against corporate greed in the name of “climate change”, Via Campesina farmers from around the world and other activists will join the caravans. According to Henry Saragih, general coordinator of La Via Campesina, “leaders from Asia will also march with the affected people of Mexico and North America. In my country Indonesia, people also lead hundreds even thousands of struggles, at local level, against commercial projects destroying people livelihoods and the environment”.

Josie Riffaud, a Via Campesina farmer leader from France also insisted that “the solutions being discussed in the climate talks are very scary. We are being told that some projects will help solve the current climate chaos, but it is an illusion. We are seeing an increase of monoculture plantations, genetic engeneering, agrofuels plantations, landgrabbing, all of this will further increase devastation and exclusion”. 

In Cancun, La Via Campesina and its allies will organise an “Alternative Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice”, on December 5 through 8, and a mass mobilisation of peasants, indigenous and social movements on December 7. At the same time, in Cancun and around the world, thousands of people and organisation will mobilise creating "thousands of Cancuns" to denounce the false solutions against climate change and to promote a real system change. 


Alberto Gomez +52 5555843471

Carlos Marentes +1 9158738933

Klimaforum Bonn: What next for climate protection? Climate justice now!

Our friends from attac and Friends of the Earth Germany/BUND in cooperation

with alliance Klimawelle (“Climate Wave”) Bonn are organizing a strategy and

action conference in response to the UNFCCC Climate Talks in June 2010.

The programme will include workshops and panel discussions on energy, mobility, agriculture, trade and social policy as well as international climate policy.

Klimaforum Bonn - June 3-4, 2010

LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn
Colmantstraße 14 – 16
53115 Bonn, Germany

Map with the Klimaforum venue and further activities

Programme and further information: www.bund.de

Join Klimaforum Bonn at Facebook!

Klimaforum Bonn


On their way to COP16/Cancún10 the delegates will stop in Bonn/Germany to talk about the climate changes.

Join the activities in and outside the conference venue!


Bla Bla Bla - Act Now! copyright: yangkiimade/flickr.com

From Copenhagen09 to Cancún10 - Make a stopover at Climate Change Talks in Bonn/Germany, June 2010

UNFCCC Information:

Nominations of representatives of already accreditated observer organisations for UN Climate Change Talks in Bonn (31 May - 11 June) can only be made until April 12.

If you plan to send representatives to Bonn, nominate your people soon as possible! Only a maximum of 2,300 representatives from observer organisations  will be registerd due to capacity reasons.

For more information please check the UNFCCC web site and read following document:

Notification to NGOs and IGOs pertaining to United Nations Climate Change Talks Bonn, May 31 to June 11